Tabriz Sewage Treatment Plant

Client:  East Azarbaijan Province Water & Wastewater Company

Consultant: Farazab consultant engineers

Contractor: Dezone Engineering Company

Scope of work: EPC

Capacity: 207475  m³/day

Location: Tabriz

Process: Step feed(Nitrification -Denitrification )

Stage of work:

  • Medium Screening
  • Inlet pump station (Screw Pumps)
  • Fine Screening
  • Grit Removal (Aerated grit chamber)
  • Primary Sedimentation
  • Biological Reactor (Anoxic -Anaerobic Tanks)
  • Final Sedimentation
  • UV Radiation
  • Sludge Thickening (Gravity thickener)
  • Sludge Thickening (Belt thickener)
  • Anaerobic Digester
  • Sludge Dewatering (Belt Filter Press)
  • Biogas plant & CHP units
  • Raw sludge pump station
  • Return & Excess sludge pump station
  • Thickened sludge pump station
  • Digested sludge pump station
  • Supernatant pump station
  • Drain pump station
  • Irrigation & Service water pump station
  • Odor Removal (Bio Trickling)