Mahmudabad SewageTreatment Plant

Client: Ghazvin Province Water & Wastewater Company

Consultant: Arna Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Dezone Engineering Company

Scope of work: BOT

Capacity: 7334 m³/day

Location: Mahmudabad City

Stage of work:

  • Screening
  • Inlet Pump Station
  • Grit Removal (Aerated grit chamber )
  • Biological Reactor (Anaerobic -Anoxic & Aerobic tanks)
  • Final Sedimentation
  • Chlorine Disinfection (Gas Chlorination)
  • Sludge Thickening (Gravity Thickeners)
  • Sludge Dewatering (filter press)
  • Return & Excess Sludge Pump Station
  • Scum Pump Station
  • Service Water Pump Station