About Us

DezoneEng.Co. established in Iran in 1992, is one of the recognized companies specializing in process design, supply, construction and operation of water & wastewater treatment works.

With the ability to execute turnkey projects on an international basis, Dezone provides practical and optional answers to industrial , commercial and municipal applications.

Having a dedicated staff of motivated engineers, designers and technicians, makes Dezone the success that is today.

A closely knit professional team executes every projects to enable quick decisions to be made at every stage of the project.

You can trust us to not only optimize your existing treatment processes but to develop new innovations to lower your cost and protect your investment.

Dezone is ready to serve you and to solve your problems in water and wastewater treatment works.

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants

    Dezone can offer the most suitable and cost effective solution to municipal wastewater treatment based on the latest process technologies.

    Wastewater application

    Physical treatment
    • Screening
    • Grit and grease removal
    • Primary sedimentation

    Chemical treatment
    • Coagulation
    • Precipitation
    • Neutralization
    • Stabilization

    Biological treatment
    • Suspended growth treatment process
    • Attached growth treatment process
    • Aerobic biological oxidation
    • Biological nitrification and denitrification
    • Biological phosphorous removal
    • Anaerobic fermentation and oxidation

    Advance treatment
    • Filtration
    • Adsorption
    • Stripping
    • Distillation
    • Disinfection
    • Disinfection with chlorine
    • Disinfection with ozone
    • Disinfection with other chemical
    • UV radiation

    Bio solids treatment
    • Thickening
    • Stabilization
    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Aerobic digestion
    • Composting
    • Conditioning
    • Dewatering
    • Heat drying

  • Industrial wastewater treatment

    Dezone Provides the best available solution to meet the wastewater treatment and reuse requirement of most industries with particular emphasis on automobile, food and beverage, chemical and petro chemical, textile, dairy, slaughter house and rubber industries.

    Dezone services include wastewater analysis, pilot studies to confirm most effective and cost efficient treatment, process and detailed design, assisting the client in the environmental protection bureau approval process, manufacturing and supplying the required components, commissioning and plant operation.

  • Drinking water treatment

    Dezone can offer the most suitable and cost effective solution to drinking water treatment based on the latest process technologies , regardless of the raw water sources quality.
    • Ground water and surface water treatment.
    • Sea and brackish water treatment.

    Our water treatment capabilities:

    – Screening
    – Micro straining
    – Aeration
    – Organic removal
    – Chemical preparation and dosing units
    – Coagulation
    – Flocculation
    – High rate settling
    – Heavy metals removal
    – Rapid filtration
    – Membrane filtration

    – Micro filtration
    – Ultra filtration
    – Nano filtration
    – Reverse osmosis
    – Softening
    – Cation and anion exchangers
    – Degasifiers
    – Disinfection with chlorine, ozone, other chemical, UV radiation
    – Removing taste and color
    – Sludge thickening
    – Sludge dewatering

  • Industrial water treatment

    Dezone provides the best available solution to meet the high quality water treatment requirement of the industries.

    The process water product and technologies offered by Dezone:

    1. Pretreatment:
    • Intake Screening
    • Bag and Cartridge Filtration
    • Water Screens
    • PH Adjustment
    • High Rate Settling
    • Chemical Precipitation
    • Softening
    • Rapid Filtration
    • Micro , Ultra and Nano Filtration

    2. Biological Treatment:
    • Anaerobic Treatment
    • Aerobic Treatment

    3. Demineralization:
    • Membrane Filtration
    • Resin Exchange
    • Reverse Osmosis

    4. Disinfection :
    • Gas Chlorination
    • On – site Chlorine Generation Systems
    • Ozone Generation Systems
    • UV Radiation

    5. Water Reuse and Reclaimation
    • Backwash Water Reclaim
    • Clarification
    • Multi Media Filtration
    • Membrane Filtration

    6. Solids Management :
    • Thickening
    – Gravity Thickening
    – Gravity Belt Thickening
    • Dewatering
    – Filter Presses
    – Belt Filter Presses
    – Centrifuges
    • Polymer dosing

    7. Odor Control
    • Activated Carbon Absorption

  • Pump Station

    Over the past years Dezone have constructed a number of water and wastewater pump stations. These projects range from very small systems to large municipal pump stations.

    Dezone can offer top technologies for water and wastewater applications, including:

    • Raw water intake pump stations
    • Booster pump stations
    • Sewage lift stations
    • Sewage pump stations
    • Fire pump stations

    • Water circulation pump stations
    • Deep well pump stations
    • Irrigation pump stations
    • Drainage pump stations
    • Sludge pump stations